Step 6: Posting

Posting is how you get the grade! You will received assignments where you are required to post about certain topics. However, this is your blog. As long as it is school appropriate and relevant, you can post anytime you like, about whatever you like. Remember:

  • the whole world can see your blog
  • never give out identifying, personal information
  • this is an academic site not a social networking site, post accordingly
  • it is easier to edit if you type the post in Word, run spell check and then copy and paste to the blog site

How to write a post

In your dashboard, hover over the +new and click on post.

  1. Make sure you have two rows of iconsClick toggle toolbar icon at end of row if only one appearing. If the icons are words or letters rather than pictures, then click on the Visual tab at the right.  We only use the Text tab when embedding – more on that later in the course.
  2. Remember to include a title for each post.
  3. If you have written your post on a Word document and used the spellchecker, copy and paste your word document in the post area. When typing in Word, don’t do any formatting like headings or larger font or colored words. Do all that once the document is in your blog post area.
  4. If you haven’t written in a Word document, then start typing in the big post box.
  5. When you have finished writing the post, click the UPDATE button on the top right area so either your teacher or I can check it then publish it for you. If you still haven’t finished the post, click the save draft buttonThis shows your teachers that you don’t want the writing published yet.
  6. Later in the course you will learn how to include categories and tags as well as add images to your posts. But if you want to get ahead, you can always go to the Edublogs help and support page here. Instructions might be wordy but they do show step by step how to do something.
  7. To get back to a post you saved as a draft, go to your dashboard> posts> all posts.  Find the post you want to edit, hover over it and click on edit underneath. This should take you to your post that you need to finish. Keep saving as a draft or click the UPDATE button when ready to publish.