Step 4: Setting up Your Theme

There are almost 300 themes to choose from.  First, browse the available themes and plan what you want your blog to look like.

You can choose themes with the following options:

  • 1 sidebar or 2 sidebars
  • Changeable header picture
  • Tagline or no tagline
  • Pages linked in the header

Visit this Edublog link to review themes. Below are some examples of student blogs. Also notice the widgets in their sidebars. Take note of any you would like on your blog.

Jenna uses Brand New Day, Kehana uses Notepad Chaos,  Bronte uses Twenty Ten, Brooklyn uses Just Pink,  Lily uses bouquet, May uses Classic chalkboard, Madeleine uses White Christmas, Iggy uses Spirit, Penelope uses Cherry Blossom, Ines uses Ever After, Nicholas uses Cheer, Vinnie uses Eighties, Vincenzo uses Twenty Ten

To change your theme:

  • Click dashboard
  • Click appearance
  • Click themes
  • Don’t forget to click UPDATE