Great Flood of 2016

On August 12, 2016, thousands of people’s lives in Louisiana were turned around. Water rose over six feet in some houses.. Maybe even more. My¬†house is eight feet off the ground because the land I live on flooded in the 1980s. The water came up seven feet under the house. It was scary because my family and I had to leave our home to stay with my grandparents not knowing what was going to happen.¬†

My neighbors, Corey and Matt, were able to save almost 200 people. To be exact, there was 246 people on one street, staying in five houses. Army trucks eventually came and took all the people who were saved and brought them to shelters.

Us Louisianans went through the same things Texans and Floridians are going through right now. Gutting houses, cleaning up trash, and helping the community are all things we had to do. We understand their struggles. What we went through, rebuilding our city etc, are the same things they went through. Its tough, but not impossible.