The Flood of 2016

It was August 12th of last year and little did I know that day would change my life in such a drastic way. It was the first Friday of the first full week of school and I woke up to rain pounding on my window. After i got up and got dressed i went into the dining room and learned that school was cancelled and there was a massive rain storm on the way to my hometown. My dad was the most prepared because he had been through the flood of 89. We started getting everything off the floor and preparing our upstairs for us to sleep for the next few days. We ended up spending four days in our upstairs and the next six months with our relatives.Now a year later some families are still not in their homes, including mine. The flood has opened my eyes and made me realize that sometimes life throws you challenges that take everything from you but you can still overcome it. Overall the flood was a devastating experience for our community but it also made the people of Livingston stronger.

4 thoughts on “The Flood of 2016

  1. Dear Madison, I really enjoyed your post! Your description made me feel like I was actually in the 2016 flood. Not to mention, I know how you feel because I was recently in a flood. Specifically, Hurricane Harvey; which struck here in Houston on August 25. My whole life is now changed due to it. But all things considered, keep up the fantastic work!

  2. This comment is very interesting. I currently have a question, what kind of rain storm? I literally don’t know this kind of storm because it didn’t occur this storm at my house. Not everybody has a two story house so I wonder what will you do if it was one story without a roof. Rain storm stories are very interesting, but not when it’s near me. I have not been affected by hurricane harvey but it did happend to me. I keep hearing hurricane harvey stories which it entered in a lot of homes but not in mines since it’s tall, which is why my parents didn’t get flood insurance, because it’s expensive, and there’s no point because it’s tall starting from the road to my house. Even my street,I can tell this hurricane entered to a lot of homes, because I see the trees outside.The hurricane occured in August, which two months later they still have these dump outside.

  3. This blog is an excellent blog because it shows the importance of perseverance. I can relate to this blog because just two or three weeks ago there was a flood here in Texas. It was called hurricane Harvey. I was struck tremendously, but I was still able to stay at home after wards. Stay safe, Madison.

  4. Your blog was interesting and sad at the same time. I can relate to what happened to you. I live in Houston,TX and a hurricane called Harvey struck in Houston and left many people without homes.

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