Ride Out Before You Float Out

During the first week of eighth grade, school was already closed due to substantial rain. At first I was thrilled to have the day off, but I later realized that there was a catch. That day the first sign of flooding started at my Momo’s house with her waking up to inches of water in the bedroom. After I was forced to go and help instead of going to sleep, I went to the park to go skim board on the slender amount of rain in the grass.

The next day, Saturday, I woke up to see donuts, my favorite breakfast. As I was finishing up I realized that many people were flooding and my parents were going to help with our boat. A few hours later my dad got stuck in traffic as water was rising rapidly. This alerted us to get packing up to see if we can evacuate before the roads were blanketed with water. While picking up my mom told us, “to go and pack like you’re never coming back.”

After loading up my cousins my parents maneuvered through the flooded streets and traffic like a maze. What would have normally been an hour and half trip turned out to be over four hours just to get to the hunting camp in Mississippi. Even though our house was in the process of flooding, I had a great time riding four wheelers and just being in the country. While in Mississippi we made a purchase of our new temporary home, R.V.

A week later we came home and started the cleanup. It was a very long and exhausting journey, but after six months we were in our home yet again.

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